With IoT, AI, and VR the world is getting more and more digital. On the one hand, businesses will be able to optimize their automation processes. On the other hand, hackers all over the world are rubbing their hands because of all the new opportunities this digitalization brings them.


And who says opportunities for hackers, says challenges for businesses. We collected some of our clients’ frequently asked questions below.

Frequently asked questions

How secure is my business?

Do you have an elaborate data management strategy? Are your employees aware of the current advanced threats of hackers, and of your strategy to stay one step ahead of them?

Do we have a plan to protect our most important data?

Did you decide which digital assets are the most important and do you have a plan to protect them?

Have you already considered which data can never be spread far and wide? And how are you going to keep them from being hacked?

What is the status of our cyber resilience?

Can you guarantee business continuity in case of an attack, outage or third party failure?

Are we prepared for an incident?

Are you able to detect an incident in order to be able to prevent your company from being caused any irreversible harm?

How do we manage supply chain risk?

Are you in the possibility to check whether your partners and suppliers/vendors are living by the security standards in order to protect shared systems and data?

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