The question is not if your data security will be harmed, but when.
Our belief is to protect your data at all times, even when there is security failure.


DataNow is an expert at analysing networks and providing secure and GDPR compliant solutions. We can help you secure your networks and protect your critical assets by installing a secure room – a digital safe – to store all of your data and all that while protecting you from ransomware.

Data protection consultancy

  • We implement compliance for privacy and cybersecurity.
  • We simplify the operational implementation of data security.
  • We implement a zero trust security.
  • We provide data encryption solutions.

Audit services

We make an overview of the status of your privacy and cybersecurity posture. To do this we go back to basics. We will perform audits on all the measures your business has – or has not – taken regarding privacy, data protection and cybersecurity and we will verify whether it will be sufficient to protect your most valuable assets.

Bring cybersecurity
to the board

Reporting your cybersecurity posture is not always straightforward. As a service provider we will implement operational and technical measures in order to provide the board of your company with a holistic understanding of the security posture.

Our approach is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

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